daughters and dads talk sex, it takes .5 seconds to fall in love, and more!

Do you wish your dad talked to you about sex more often? A New York University study found that girls clearly benefit from talking to dad about sex — and they actually want to talk about it with their dads. [Tres Sugar]

It takes thirty minutes to finish up homework, ten minutes to get dressed, and five minutes to eat breakfast. Did you know it just takes a second to fall in love? Scientists have proof! [Lemondrop]

Sometimes bouncing back from a bad breakup is really tough, especially when you feel like part of your identity was based on your significant other. Here’s how to feel totally yourself again. [YourTango]

Have you ever told someone you loved them first? How did it turn out? Carrie Bradshaw — and the anti-feminists “Rules” — encourage women to wait until the guy makes the move, but what do you think? [Shine]

Should overweight people be banned from being on TV? This ladymag has a problem with Mike & Molly and said “I’d be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other.” Whoa. [Marie Claire]

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