teens have sex with both sexes, balancing BFs with BFFs, and more!

10% of sexually active New York City teens have had sex with both men and women, according to a recent study. Do you believe it? [Nerve]

When you find yourself in a shiny new relationship, it’s hard not to let your oldest friends fall by the wayside. Learning how to have fun with your significant other while keeping your BFFs happy is a pretty important life skill. Put your homework down for a sec, and study this instead. [CollegeCandy]

3,000 women across America were surveyed, and 84% said they had been emotionally hurt by a female friend. Why do girls sabotage and backstab each other when they should be focusing on the sisterhood of their friendships? Turns out there’s some pretty heavy psychology behind toxic female friends. [Lemondrop]

Only 10% of women report sexual dissatisfaction… but according to some researchers, nearly 43% experience it. Why are so many women emotionally satisfied with being sexually dissatisfied? [TresSugar]

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  • RYC

    i think its fine because teens need to explore and learn new things that have to do with sex and sexual feelings

  • luvli

    guy kissing guy. pretty hot.