i want to have sex, but he doesn’t want to wear a condom

dear heather,
I want to have sex. I’m 16 but he doesn’t want to wear a condom. I’ve been getting drunk lately and I’m scared something will happen and I’ll get pregnant. What should I tell him?

The answer to this is really simple if you want to avoid being pregnant and being 1 in 4 American’s with an STD. Tell him clearly that if he doesn’t want to wear a condom, then you’re not having sex.

There is no good reason in the world to have unprotected sex. Not one. If he tells you because it doesn’t feel as good, that’s not a good reason.  Even if you don’t get pregnant — though you very easily can — the prevalence of STDs out there is terrifying. According to DoSomething.org, 10,000 teens are infected by STIs (a.k.a. sexually transmitted infections, which encompasses medical issues that aren’t diseases that are transmitted through sex) per day. That’s one every eight seconds.

And are you sure you even want to have sex with this dude, anyway? Drinking alcohol can lower your inhibitions (not to mention your standards), and sometimes it can make you think you want to do something you really don’t want to do. Keep an eye on the amount of alcohol you consume, especially when this particular guy is around, because you want to make sure you don’t find yourself in a situation you can’t get out of.

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