help a gURL!

Hey gURLs,

I wish there were more of me to answer more questions from you but that’s why I have YOU! After scouring the boards, I saw some of you gURLs are in some need of advice. Help each other out and click the links below to the Shout Out Boards to help your sisters out.

Her new sweeties ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his baby. Should she stay or should she leave him?

Her sweetie doesn’t trust her and she doesn’t know what to do.

Time to (over)share in safety. What was your last orgasm?

She wants to know how to initiate a BJ

Her sweetie won’t stop comparing her to other gURLs.

And while you’re there, be sure to rock out to gURL’s radio! Nothing like a little No Doubt’s “Bathwater” to get you in the mood for dealing with ex’s, sweeties and bj’s.

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  • Southernbelle

    Hey, so this guy im friends with… Were always texting and like he always tells me really personal thing like things about his family etc… I don’t feel about him this way but idk if he likes me… And if so how do I say that I don’t want to date him because he has liked 2 girls that have turned him down lately and I don’t want him to feel worse

  • Tay-Tay


    You are in some serious stuff, my friend. Your friend isn't a real friend at all if she is laughing aabout this. This is a very serious matter. I think you should talk to your mom but if you can't ask your doctor about healthy foods. And expect to gain a little bit of weight. Since you make not eat much the food will make you gain weight. Which will bring you to a healthy size!! HOPE I HELPED!! EMBRACE THE REAL YOU GIRLIE!! If you need help I will…probably most likely be 😀

  • Hannah

    I have aneroxia and everyone at school makes fun of me. Even my friends,I told her I have aneroxia but she just laughed at me. I need to eat more but I don't now what to eat because I don't don't want to ask my mom or dad because I get embaressed.I'm only 11 so I need to eat food that's appropriate for me. I just don't like being teased by kids at school or friends,and sometimes my faily makes fun of me. Please Help,I hate having aneroxia.