via condom, france. no really, there’s a city called condom in france.

the french do it better

When it comes to romance and sex, the French have a je nais se qouis about them. So it should come as no surprise then that some aristocrats in Condom, France (yep, it’s a real city, we looked it up) decided to make high-end, luxury condoms for those where Trojans and Durex are just not expensive enough. Called The Original Condom, they “come” in a velvet lined jewelry box that will make anyone “proud to be displaying it!”

The lubricated rubbers are environmentally friendly and the company does use its profits to help STD cure research…

condom, france. see? proof!

First it was the Kiss, now this? Merci, Frenchies!

Regardless of the packaging, sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener! And remember to tell him, if he’s not going to sack it, he can go home and whack it! (P.S. We love!)


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  • Gil

    … and you can buy it on the website : !

    On this website, you'll find the incredible history of the condom, too ! Enjoy !

  • liz

    my goodness that site has a lot of raunchy, safe-sex slogans. someone is getting good use of their rhyming dictionary!