the pill plays with your emotions, things you don’t know about orgasms, and more!

Does the pill make you crazy? Um, maybe. It turns out the hormones in different kinds of oral contraceptives can have a serous effect on your personality. [Lemondrop]

10 things we didn’t know about orgasms (and you probably don’t either…)  take some of the guesswork out of the Big ‘O’. [Shine]

According to a new study, the longer you’re in a relationship with someone, the less you really know them. The study actually compared newlyweds vs. longtime married couples, but have you found this to be true with your relationships, too? We have. [YourTango]

We think there’s nothing more despicable than The Rules, a ridiculous “handbook” published by a man to “help” women get the guy. These ladies totally agree with us. [Betty Confidential]

Do guys get crushes too? According to “college guys across the country,” yup, they sure to. [HerCampus]

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