confess: who was your first celebrity crush?

mmm bop, sooo hot.

Every gURL has her first celebrity crush. It’s as if one day you wake up and you see that celebrity species on the TV screen and you realize how entirely dreamy they are, as if your whole inner sexual being was just ripped out and put on display for the world. Did your first celebrity crush spark you to touch yourself for the first time? Perhaps they inspired you to learn something about sex? Did they start fantasies that took you to places you hadn’t been before (we’re talking backstage, gURLs!!)?

One gURL revealed that her crush on Hanson’s Zac Hanson started when she was in elementary school.

“It was his cute smile and hair. Whenever he played the drums he would whip it back and forth. Something about the music playing and the hair flipping… He was the Hanson closest to my age at the time and I thought I had a chance.”

a real man.

Heather got a question from a gURL and shared it with us, the preface of which she shared her complete obsession with Joe Jonas:

“I don’t feel sexually attracted to boys. Only one man, and I mean MAN, gets me sexually aroused. He’s famous and wears a purity ring: Joe Jonas. I could look at him for days and hours and totally want him.”

Who was your first celebrity crush?  C’mon gURLs, CONFESS!!! Our staffers’ first celeb crushes included Chad Michael Murray, Luke Perry, Jonathan Knight, Elijah Wood and Drew Barrymore. Now, share yours!


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  • Emily

    My first would definitely be Jesse McCartney, although it’s currently a tie between Logan Lerman and Jared Padalecki.

  • Morgana5953

    Skandar Keynes. Google him if you have to.

  • MusicalRose

    Ross Lynch! He is so hot and looks exactly like my bgf!

  • A

    Chris Pine. Who knew Captain Kirk would be hot?

  • thatgirl

    Justin Bieber, and he still is. dont judge!

  • Olivia

    My first celeb crush was robert pattinson i absolutely LOVE him but right now I’m more in love with josh hutcherson i love his jaw, smile, body and everything else!!!!!!!

    sincerely, Mrs. Hutcherson

  • CC

    Mario Lopez enough said…