advice gURL: she’s into way older guys, online and off

evan rachel wood with her much older on-again-off-again MAN, marilyn manson

mintopop from the Shout Out Boards writes:

Long story short in the past year or two I’ve been sexually involved online and more recently offline with men way older than me. I’m trying to get out of the pattern, but I keep finding myself back in them. I’ve been getting a lot of support from close friends recently, but a lot of them say the reason I keep finding myself back in there is because it’s filling a “need”. Can someone please tell me what some needs could be that I’m trying to fill? I wish I kind of had a list so I could figure out what maybe I’m trying to fill and then maybe get myself on a better road. Thanks everyone. Thanks all of you.

Help a gURL out! What need do you think she’s trying to fill? She needs your help so share your thoughts below!


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  • Franny

    It seems like you're tying to fill in a need for a father-figure by striking up relationships with older men. Do you feel looked after and protected by them, in the same way a father should?

    Is there significant lack of emotional bonding between you and your own father or have you even ever had a father figure at all in your life? I would definitely lean on the support of your friends in this case and discuss this issue with them. They appear very concerned with your state of well-being and I think you would benefit from their strong support.