embracing the braless trend, dealing with gURLy boyfriends, and more!

Remember when Miley went braless? Apparently it’s catching on and more and more women are leaving the house sans bra. How do you feel about, uh, being free? [Lemondrop]

When is a guy too gURLy? When he shops a lot? Tweezes his brows? Goes to the tanning bed? Whitens his teeth? We say all of the above are O.K. occasionally (except for the tanning thing) but too much vanity isn’t attractive for guys or gURLs. [YourTango]

Good news: apparently guys care more about the confidence of a gURL than her so-called “flaws.” [Smitten]

Not-so-good news: studies show that women apologize far more than men. Not only that, but we say “I’m sorry!” to strangers too much. [Shine]

25 reasons why great girl friends are so awesome, from the silly (“She’ll tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth”) to the sincere (“She’ll bring you soup when you’re sick without judging your bed head”). [TheFrisky]

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