hookup confessions: “he put his hand on my cheek and we kissed.”

gURL asked and you delivered! Hookup Confessions is the latest (and greatest, if we do say so ourselves) feature on HSR (that’s Health, Sex & Relationships blog for those who hate acronyms) that lets you tell us about your best/worst/funniest/sexiest/hottest/grossest/weirdest hookups ever.

Here’s a sweet story about a gURL’s first kiss with her guy. conversechick151 writes:

Wayne and I were on our third date, sitting in my driveway, waiting for me to walk into my house. I was fiddling with my purse to find my keys and he said, “Come here.” I turned, he put his hand on my cheek and we kissed.

I had been waiting for some kind of contact for weeks! And finally!

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Read the last Hookup Confession here, then comment on conversechick151’s story below! What’s your most memorable kiss?


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  • princeh17

    My most memorable kiss was my first kiss with Dan, who is my boyfriend now. We had both secretly liked each other for years, but he was dating one of my friends. She broke up with him, and a few months later we were still good friends and wanted to hang out. I woke up that morning with the weirdest feeling, I felt like he was going to kiss me. We went to the mall and then to this place I know by a lake and watched the sunset. Right then he said “heather come here” and pulled me onto his lap in the passenger seat of my car. Then he told me, “I have feelings for you…as a lot more than a friend, and I have for a really long time…you have no idea how badly I want to kiss you right now…come here” he put his hand on my cheek and he kissed me, finally. We’ve been dating ever since and we are perfect for each other! I’m so glad he finally told me how he felt, because I was way to scared to!

  • Kate

    aw berless

  • Kim

    That's soooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!