cosmo says the darndest things, teens send thousands of texts, and more!

Kids Cosmo says the darndest things. Like that when a guy orders steak, it’s a “weird sign he might be into you.” Hmmm. [CollegeCandy]

Teens send more than, wait for it, 3,000 text messages a month. How many do you average every 30 days? In a week? In an hour? [TheFrisky]

How long does it take to know if someone is “the one?” An even better question to ask is whether there’s such a thing as “the one”… [YourTango]

If you have to pick a fight with a guy — hey, it happens sometimes — do it around 3 p.m. Studies show that women always win arguments that fall in the middle of the afternoon. [TresSugar]

We’ve always been warned not to forget our friends when we find ourselves in a new relationship, but it turns out it’s just as easy to lose friendships during breakups, too. Here’s how to keep your BFFs intact. [Shine]

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