what’s up down there, making it “facebook official,” and more!

A hip gynecologist (she’s even on Twitter!) writes a book called “What’s Up Down There?” and answers gURLs, uh, burning questions about everything from pubic hair to putting perfume down there [Marie Claire]

When a guy friend says he loves you off the cuff, is he actually professing his love to you? (Example: You crack a hilarious joke. Everyone laughs. Friend says, “This is why I love you.”) Maybe. [Glamour]

How do you tell someone mid-hookup that you’re a virgin? It’s easier — and way more important — than you might think. [Em & Lo]

There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a cheater. Here’s 9 ways to tell if your significant other is up to no good. And what to do if it happens to you. [TheFrisky]

How long should you be in a relationship before you make it “Facebook Official?” Or are you the kind of gURL who rolls your eyes at relationship statuses on The Book? [YourTango]

It turns out women like sex as much as men. A study shows that both sexes are looking for short-term relationships and are willing to lower their standards for a sex partner. [The Awl]

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