lena’s advice: my bf’s ex still has stuff posted online about them. what do i do?

hey mark, can we talk? it's about facebook...

My boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend still has stuff posted on her Facebook about them still dating. Should I talk to him about it?

Lena’s advice: First off, don’t freak out quite yet. This sounds like it could be a gURL’s worst nightmare, but you should remember that Facebook is not the word of God. Not everyone is a Facebook addict, and your boyfriend’s ex may have not had a chance to change her profile in a while. If it says that she’s still in a relationship with him and they just broke up a couple weeks ago, it might be a simple case of Facebook neglect. In that case, casually bring it up with him and ask him what the deal is. Maybe she’s having a hard time dealing with their break-up and doesn’t want to admit it online. There’s not necessarily any reason to be accusatory or confrontational right off the back.

If the situation is a little more concerning — say, she’s updating her status on dates and posting “I love yous” or photos of them cuddling, then I’d get an explanation pronto, especially if you’re sexually involved with him.  If he’s unwilling to chat or leaves you feeling unsatisfied, go straight to the source and get the truth about what’s going on. Your health (and your heart) comes first, so you want to make sure that you’re safe!


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  • hello, i am Aline. I am in a relationship with this guy i meet from a dating site and its been 7months we are together. I meet his family and they seemed to be a really down to earth people. The problem that is bugging me is, on face book, my boyfriends family still has ex girlfriend as friends on face book. I mean i do not think its right. I told my boyfriend about it and he said as long as she stays away from me. PLEASE i need people’s opinion weather it is normal for your boyfriends family to have the ex girlfriend as friends or no??? thanks