Emily Osment reveals her gURL crush and Homecoming alternatives plus! get deets on gURL’s giveaway!

do you hate the homecoming queen, too?

gURL crush alert! Emily Osment revealed to gURL that she, too, gets gURL crushes!  Her current gURL of the moment? None other than Emma Stone!  Apparently, she fell in lurve when she caught Emma on-screen in Easy A. Too bad Emma’s now taken by Scott Pilgrim star Kieran Culkin cause they’d make a super cute couple, too!

We were warmly surprised to find that Emily was not so much about prom and Homecoming while in high school. Maybe her song “I Hate the Homecoming Queen” should have tipped us off that she’s more alt than mainstream, so we thought we’d ask her about it! And since loads of you wrote in to tell us that you weren’t going to your school’s Homecoming either, we got the Homecoming Queen hater herself to weigh in on some fun alternatives. She has some super cute ideas! And for the record, it’s nothing personal with the Homecoming Queen. But get the word from Emily and watch our exclusive vid below!

And of course, that’s not all. We also got Emily to help us launch gURL’s coolest new section: gURL grabs!!!  And we have an amazeballs giveaway: a purple pimped out Intel powered SONY LAPTOP. Yes, a LAPTOP! Free! For YOU! Want to win it? Of course you do!

All you have to do is watch the vid below, go to the gURL grabs page and leave a comment on who you think makes the Best Homecoming Queen of all time! Is it Jane Austen? Or maybe Winona Ryder? Taylor Momsen? Or even Emily Osment?  YOU decide! One lucky winner gets the brand spankin’ new Intel-powered laptop so enter TODAY!

Here’s Emily explaining everything to win:

And tell us below, who’s your current celeb gURL crush? Maybe she’ll be featured on gURL soon!


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  • Amber

    But for real though Vote Gwen for homecoming queen

  • Lori B

    EMILY OSMENT for homecoming queen

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