Advice gURL: I Have A BF and A Major Crush! What Should I Do?

Damnyou from the Shout Out Boards poses the q:

Have you ever felt an EXTREME attraction to someone you barely know , not only physical but also in an emotional/mental level as well? I’m talking big-thick chemistry. Feels as if you know them and you pretty much understand their character?

Well I have a bf of 2 years and 7 months…and in one of my college classes there is this guy and that up there ^ is what I’ve been feeling. It’s so bad I know =(. I love my boyfriend, that’s for sure. Also, I think this guy has a gf/wife… I catch him looking back at me in class sometimes and I stare back , he holds the stare then looks away. He is always interested in what I have to say and he asks me questions that he doesn’t to the other girls in the group. Today they separated the group and he kinda looked bummed, I know I was. Ugh, I feel like a HS/middle school kid again. I know the right thing to is stay away from him because we are both committed but I honestly wanna hear other thoughts. What do you guys think?

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  • michster

    Maybe this guy's vibe that giving off something that your BF is lacking?