most gURLs would date a bisexual guy, love is a drug after all, and more!

48% of gURLs would date a bisexual guy. Exhibit A: Gwen Stefani who’s husband Gavin Rossdale recently ‘fessed up to hooking up with a cross-dressing man. [YourTango]

You know that song “Your Love Is My Drug?” There’s some truth to it. Brain scans show that love stimulates “activity in parts of the brain that are also triggered by morphine and cocaine.” [Nerve]

Five reasons not to shy away from short… boys. Size Height doesn’t matter. Cuteness factor, check. Clothes swapping, check. [CollegeCandy]

Everyone has already seen the movie, but here are 5 more ways to tell he’s just not that into you. This basically sums it up: Go with your gut, and don’t waste your time with jerks. [Marie Claire]

How long do you need to date someone before you celebrate an anniversary? One year? Six months? One month? [Glamour]

To some people, dating is considered a sin. Really! One gURL, who grew up in a Fundamentalist church, struggles with the idea of dating because her childhood church didn’t allow it. [Shine]

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