i have saggy boobs

dear heather,
Well um, this is kind of embarrassing to tell and ask but I’ve got saggy boobs. I think it’s because I’m a large girl and that’s why my boobs are so heavy. Will my boobs become more “lifted” when I lose weight? Is there anything to do to “lift” them up again, apart from plastic surgery?
Saggy boobs are certainly nothing to be embarrassed about; heavy breasts are often considered very attractive. But are you sure your breasts actually sag? It’s something of a myth that most women’s breasts are “perky.” Yours may be on the average side.As for later, it’s hard to know exactly what your breasts will be like. Breasts go through all sorts of changes during a woman’s lifetime, and weight change can be one of many factors. Yes, if you lose weight your breasts will probably shrink, but everyone loses weight differently.

Breast skin often has more trouble than other areas shrinking back once it has been stretched. So you might try a skin toning lotion, because there is some evidence that breast skin that is well taken care of may spring back more reliably (although very gradually). Because breasts are not just skin but also ligaments and other tissue that can be stretched, I also recommend wearing a very supportive bra.

You probably should keep in mind, however, that a lot of this is simply not within your control. Sometimes the way breasts sag has as much to do with hormones, heredity and other factors as it does weight. Even exercising can be frustrating if you’re hoping to reverse sagging. Exercising the underlying pectoral muscles through pushups, weight-lifting or other routines can offer overall strength and toning but rarely lifts breasts.

With breasts, it’s pretty much what you see is what you get… Unless you’re willing to consider surgery (an option you would want to wait on in any case, and one that usually means scarring, not to mention being expensive), it may be a good idea to work on accepting, even appreciating, your breasts as they are.

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  • Ocean

    Hi gurls ^^ I’m not a skinny nor a large girl, my BMI is 19. But I share this pain with you. You should be happy about who you are and stuff. And let’s face it, it’s gravitys problem, not ours. I’m sorry to tell you, that when you’re going to be old, they can sag even more :/ But if it takes all your attention or lowers your self-esteem I can recommend push-up bra’s. I think big is beautiful, and wish my boobs were larger. And I’m also shamed of my stretchmarks. But it’s not the issue now.
    I’ve been using push-up bra’s and I can tell; they are waaay more comfty than corset, been there done that.
    And what it comes to boys… I’ve been lucky and found a guy I like, and who likes me the way I am. Even my saggy boobs 😀 If only I could learn to love myself, like he loves me. What I’m saying to you, when you meet the right guy, the pair of boobs you have are perfect to him, like all your little cute faults ^^
    Hope I cheered you all a bit..

    • Ocean

      Large boobs DO really look nice in push-ups 🙂

    • K

      You are so right!! I completely agree that it doesn;t matter what you look like, and the man that’s right for you will not only fall in love with your heart but he will fall in love with all of your quirks. Saggy breasts are the least of your worries. Finding the right person for you is the hardest! Love yourself before others can love you too!

  • Michelle

    I don’t think losing weight will help at all, I gained a lot of weight, and when I did my breasts got larger, but when I lost all that weight my breasts got a little smaller (but are still surprisingly big), and that caused my breasts to sag even worse.