hookup confessions: “he picked me up and threw me on the kitchen table!”

gURL asked and you delivered! Hookup Confessions is the latest (and greatest, if we do say so ourselves) feature on HSR (that’s Health, Sex & Relationships blog for those who hate acronyms) that lets you tell us about your best/worst/funniest/sexiest/hottest/grossest/weirdest hookups ever.

First up? A juicy tale of a gURL in a LDR. amourbardot writes:

I’m in a long distance relationship which leads to some interesting conversations over the phone most nights! When my boyfriend and I finally get to see each other in person, clothes tend to come off pretty quick. I’d like to think we’re still in that sweet honeymoon stage. 😉 A few weeks ago, I drove up to stay with my boyfriend for a few days after 4 weeks of not seeing him and feeling his arms around me. It’s complete torture to hear your loved one’s voice every night but not be able to see or touch him.

That night he greeted me at his front when I pulled up in my car and when I saw that smile of his, I melted. We found our way to the kitchen where he picked me up and threw me on the kitchen table. Objects flew, my heartbeat rose rapidly, and I was in complete bliss. Things lead to the bedroom from there, and I cannot see myself forgetting that night and the way I felt for a long time to come. It was almost like we were in our own romantic movie scene where the characters are so in sync and the scene is hot, hot, hot. 😀

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  • Glory77

    Aww I think that’s really sweet. I’ve never really thought long distance could work out but I’m glad to hear that even after all the time apart the spark is still there. good luck!

  • Daiana

    Aww wow the kitchen table that sounds pretty hot.

  • Crystal

    That’s wicked. My ex boyfriend was a bit quiet and seemed, what’s the phrase “a little in touch with his feminine side!” I loved him, still do (he dumped me 3 weeks ago) but our relationship was a bit boring and it was the same. things. every. day. Hopefully, I might find someone a little more exciting one day but I still wish that I was with him.

    • kittyocleo

      i felt exactly the same way about my last bf! i was the one doing the dumping and he claimed to love me etc but then he got asked out and apparently likes that girl now (wasnt even a week after we broke up). personally i want excitement but i still miss him. i was gonna admit i still liked him the night he got another gf -_- lame

  • Jade

    I’m in a LDR and it’s the same with me and mine. I’m really happy for you two and your ability to turn into a hot romantic movie. I hope it continues to work out!

  • jennybgood

    aww, they're so in love. its so great to see that ldr's can work. i just got in one with my boyfriend. we met online and he lives 3 hours away which isn't too far so and when we first met it was really amazing and felt like it was meant to be so we're trying but i don;t have a car so i have to borrow friends cars to see him. anyway, i'm happy for bardot and her boy. good luck!