too sexy at 17? miley and taylor are making headlines, including this one

she's navaho-inspired -- not-a-ho!

Who writes the rules about what is appropriate at what age? Days after Miley Cyrus’s video for “Who Owns My Heart” was deemed practically X-rated by the Parents Television Council, Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller went totally bra-llistic on Miley in an open letter for not wearing a bra in public. What’s more? She even got psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle to “diagnose” Miley’s behavior:

“[She’s] mistaking the “shock” attention [she’s] getting for positive attention. It’s not. It’s giving out the absolutely wrong message to men. She’s teasing boys, and men, into thinking she is ready to do things that she’s not ready to do — emotionally and psychologically.”

is this kind of a big deal?

But are Bonnie and Gilda missing the point here?

All this fuss over not wearing a bra? If you’re going to put up a fight, shouldn’t it be about the t-shirt? Do you think she’s right to criticize a gURL for exercising her right to not wear a bra?

And then, there’s the other 17 year old making headlines: Taylor Momsen. The Gossip Girl starlet has been under the media microscope for a year as a pretty reckless gURL. Admittedly, she has dabbled in some interesting behaviors (e.g. pyro-tendencies), but her wardrobe has certainly caused the biggest ruckus. No more so than her cover shoot for Revolver Magazine, where she’s channeling the streets with her signature extensions and heavy black eyeliner along with real revolvers (that’s appropriate, sorta, right?) and reeeaaallllly high heels.

she's got guns!

Some people are screaming, “she’s only 17!” (yup, Bonnie exercised her right to bear arms again). But she’s 17! Who is to decide what she’s ready for or not ready for? Who is to decide what is an adult? A law? Or is it arbitrary?

Do you think these gURLs are dressing too sexy for 17? Or are they testing the boundaries as many young women do? Is Bonnie Fuller being a prude? Do you agree with her?

We need to hear your opinions, gURLs, so Shout Out below!


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  • angelchinky

    since when is it effing wrong to not wear a bra?

    she didn't feel like wearing one-she didn't-end of story.

    grow up people.Hannah Montana is a CHARACTER,Miley is a living&breathing PERSON.

    how can she live upto everybody's expectations?she can't.

    she's a teen.teens do stupid stuff.let them.who cares?

    • Kaytie Pie

      She's on display for 6 yearolds to look up to. Shoould they look up to a girl who wears nothing but a bra and hot pants in a music video? A girl who pole dances-at the measly age of 16? A girl who gets high, makes out with girls in public, and sluts it up all over the place? NO, no, no, no, and NO. My babysitting clients have kids that are 5 and yet still attempt to dance like her. I have banned Miley Cyrus from them while I am in the house because she is a horrible girl and sure, if she was just a regular girl who's life wasn't on display, fine….but she's not.

  • Madison

    I think she dresses fine. So what if she doesnt want to wear a bra. Those things can make your breasts sore ya know! And no one whould even notice she want wearing a bra if they werent looking at her chest. *pervs*


  • ?

    though my eye miley was always seen as a great role model someone a girl could look up to, some of her music was gud and her newer movies to. it was a high disapointment to see a lovelly young girl like her get herself into soo much troublee ever since her video release of cant be tamed she has set a horrible example for young girls of the world today, her outfit was deffinetly inopropriate it discusted many people and being on the fornt page of a magazine in something the media call 'sexy' well thats just plain wrong i guess its there lives and there choices how they live it but i guess in my oppinion that is just inopropiate behaviour. i am dissapointed in miley as she has been such a big part of disney today and she was raised so well by a caring family. but anybody that thinks that is sexy is just not right expessially any male it really makes you think tht there are some awful people in the world.i thought miley would of had better morals as she was such a great person i hope she comes to her sences and relises what she is doing is wrong because im sure some little girls out there would like there amazing role model hannah montana back . 🙂 <3

  • Rina

    Dude, I can understand them acting like ladies in public. But when you are acting like a 403 and people look up to you and seeing this, you definitely need a reality check big time! Once upon a time Miley Cyrus was a sweetheart, but now according to her song she can't be "tamed". I think since she wants to be grown up so bad, show her how a grown up thinks/acts. Definitely not like that, when she finds the right "crowd" I think she'll change. Maybe she'll realize her career is going no where with her acting like a slut. I bet her family looks down upon her but whatever it's her life, I'll laugh one day when I hear she's pregnant or a druggie. It's just way too much, chick needs to slow down and learn how to be a "good girl". Whore. 🙂 (Coming from a 14 year old. Smh!)

  • Janet

    Whatever happened to being lady-like?

  • Sketch

    Okay, all this is, is a bunch of trash talk for those two girls. I'm seventeen, and no I'd never do something like that, because it's not me, but what gives you all the right to judge them? Underneath it all they are just people, who made poor decisions. If you think that there was never a time in your life where you made a poor decision, I guarentee you are either mistaken or lying. It really doesn't matter if it is right, wrong, or moral, because it's in the past. Nothing can be done about it now, so just digging into it and making a fuss won't help. It is there lives to live and choices to make, so can't you all simply guide your own children instead of judging someone else's?

  • Deborah

    I agree with the psychotherapist; Miley is teasing men into thinking she's ready to do something she's not ready to do. Their outfits aren't sexy; they're tasteless. They're making headlines because a wide audience finds them tasteless, immature, inappropriate, and honestly believe something is wrong with their heads. Their behavior says something about the way they were raised and I honestly think that these are warning signs.

    I wouldn't be friends with them. They're crazy girls and probably with PMS issues.

  • Emily B

    You are right! Half naked on a magazine cover is too much. But I think the point with Miley and the bra is that her shirt was see-through. And people were seeing EVERYTHING

  • Emily B

    I think the media DOES need to chill. But the way these girls are acting is really bad. Sure, teens are experimenting with things, but these girls are doing it all in public for the world to see. What about morals?!! And yes- Miley wasnt wearing a bra, but she WAS wearing a see-through shirt. And Taylor was too undressed for a magazine cover. All these teen stars nowadays are getting too out of hand!

  • heather

    ok, here's a good point. think of it this way.

    she's wearing a WHITE shirt, showing a different color which is CLEARLY her nipple. she was under the age of 18 at the time, which already is wrong. an older man see's that, and some thing goes on in their head & they want her.. do you really think she can be protected? especially if its a violent male, with a fire arm? she's luring males in to show what she has, and its not right of her. if that were to happen in my town, here in prescott valley, she would have been in trouble by the POLICE, they consider it iridescent exposure. sure, she is her own person, but she should be smarter than that. it does look trashy, WHY WOULD ANY 17 YEAR OLD GIRL want to look that way? if my daughter ever dresses like that, she will pay the consequence, and no longer own anything of that sort. miley is a bad, whorish role model. she wouldn't even be any where if it weren't for her DADDY being famous.

  • Marisa

    i think she's totally being a prude, who told her she was allowed to critize people? People can wear whatever they want there almost legal anyway, there allowed to wear what they want if their comfortable wearing them. As for nt wearing a bra!!?? get a life 200yrs ago no women war a bra, and now its OMG! she wasnt wearing a bra! they can be incomfortable!! I think that lady is jealous that they wear those clother and looks good!! She wishes she could but since she cant she critizes get a life women n one cares!!!