kissing and telling, first date disasters, and more!

Do you kiss and tell, or do you like to keep things on the down low? A little discretion goes a long way when it comes to hooking up and spilling about it. [TresSugar]

When a date goes sour, how do you know if it can be salvaged? Good news: most bad-date-behavior is totally fixable (unless you do something really, really gross, and then forget it). [Lemondrop]

Why is it such a taboo to talk about sex? There shouldn’t be such a stigma surrounding bringing up the “s” word in public. Do you talk to your friends and fam about doing it? [CollegeCandy]

New studies show that guys who are aggressive towards gURLs have a hard time understanding “I’m just not interested in you” cues. Yikes. Do we have to spell it out? [Jezebel]

According to this list, there are certain kinds of BFFs that no gURL can live without. Do you have these 10 friends in your phone? Fashion friend, check. Expert cook, check.  Doctor pal, uhhhh… [TheFrisky]

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