new vlog! how do you get a guy to ask you to homecoming?

homecoming queen of hearts

One of the most exciting parts of high school is the anticipation of dances — The dress! The committee (if you’re into that)! The preparation! The hair! The makeup (if you’re into that, too)! Practicing your dance moves in front of the mirror (admit it!)! But nothing causes more anxiety than the DATE.

AnimalActivist0115 wrote in to to ask how she can get the date she wants to Homecoming! She’s not sure if he likes her, and she’s not sure if he’s going to ask her yet. I can totally feel for her! The anxiety of not knowing is positively excruciating. Is there a sure fire way to find out? I have a very good answer for that. So click on and press play! Then share your date success stories and comments below!

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