My Sweetie Cheated On Me, and I Can’t Get Over It

Fighting over another gURL? Not so easy.

Dear Heather,

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for two years now, but during our first year six months into it she cheated. We got back together after five months apart while she was with another woman. How do I get over this? Cause it seems like it’s putting our relationship in a slump.

When you’re dating, there are certain benchmarks of time that help you recognize how it’s going. It’s really important to check them out. Six months is one to watch for because you either decide to take it to the next step as it seemed you wanted to do or, as happened with your sweetie, you just don’t feel it.

I’m glad you took some time apart after she initially cheated on you. You didn’t state the reasons you got back together again. Well, what are they? Does she make you a better person? Does she support you and your wants, desires, dreams? Do you share similar beliefs and get along well? And then ask, do you trust her? Do you think she’s changed?

I can’t answer those questions for you, only you can. But once you do, you’ll know exactly how to end the slump, either by ending or regaining faith in the relationship (and her).

Feel free to post your answers to the questions in the comments below, then I and all the gURLs can help you out.

take care,

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