My Friends Think My Boyfriend Is A Player

Vincent Chase is a total player on Entourage.

Dear Heather,

I have a boyfriend and he is a year older than me. We have been dating for quite a while but people think he is a player. I have had almost eight people tell me that he is, but I love him and I don’t think he is at all. He promised me that he wouldn’t dump me and that the only time we would break up is if I wanted to. I never want to leave him, but I’m losing friends because they don’t want me to date him. What should I do?

If he has shown absolutely no reason not to trust him in the time you’ve been dating, you probably don’t need to worry but make sure you’re not blinded by love (or lust or like or whatever it may be). Yet, anyway. There’s a fine line between rumor and reality. If one or two people have mentioned that your boyfriend is a player, that could very likely just be hearsay. Since, however, nearly eight people have mentioned it, it’s likely true. The thing about rumors is that while they aren’t always true, there’s usually a hintof accuracy. Gossip has to start somewhere.Whether he’s playing you or not, consider whether this guy is worth losing friends over. Why exactly do your friends not want you to date him? It’s really easy to ignore all of the not-so-great parts of a person when you like them a lot, but try to look at him from the perspective of your best friend for a sec.

Is it because they think he’s cheating on you? Or is there more to it? Maybe he’s not a nice guy?

The best thing to do is to ask a trusted friend what she really thinks of your guy, and maybe another opinion will help you see the real him. If you don’t like what she has to say, don’t get mad. Think about it…

take care,

send in your questions for heather to oh, and have your friends ever accused your boyfriend of being a player? how did you handle it?

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