Halloween is Sexy and Sexist, Guys “Defy Physics” to Lead gURLs On, and More!

Is Halloween a sexist holiday? It seems the default costume for teen gURLs is to think up a career and add the word “sexy” onto the front, kind of like Barbie 2.0. [CollegeCandy]

Ever wonder why guys lead gURLs on? According to one guy, “it’s truly an art to lead someone on… You have to defy physics.” We hate to generalize, but boys can really suck sometimes. [Marie Claire]

Would you take dating advice from a “gay best friend?” This self-professed GBF suggests loving yourself and never changing who you are for anyone. We agree, dude. [Glamour]

Men think that most clothing is promiscuous, from knee-high boots to pencil skirts. This just goes to show, once again, that men know nothing about fashion. [YourTango]

It turns out acne can take a serious emotional toll on teenagers. 25% of the teens who had “very much” acne said they’d had thoughts of suicide. [Shine]

Did you know that exposure to electonics can hurt your health? According to one doctor, something as seemingly harmless as using your cell phone as an alarm clock can be harmful. [Lemondrop]

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