discuss: was glee’s“duet” between brittany and artie a bad decision?

On last night’s Glee, we saw a lot of Brittany’s (Heather Morris) bedroom. First, she was hooking up with Santana, then, taking Artie’s virginity.

Brittany uses sex as a tool to get what she wants, with little or no feeling behind it. Artie (Kevin McHale), on the other hand, was crushed after losing his virginity to a gURL that didn’t really care, especially due to his disability, which makes the fact he can even have sex, in his words “a miracle.”

So was this “duet” a bad idea? Can a gURL have sex just because she can without thinking about the other person’s feelings?  Do you think sex changes how people feel? Do you think Artie was pressured? Was Brittany wrong to pressure him?

Let us know your thoughts by shouting out below.


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    • anonymous

      I don’t think Artie was pressured, because he actually wanted to do it … I think Brittany was totally wrong, but she didn’t realise how much is meant to Artie … Which is even worse I guess, as they should have discussed it first. I don’t think it was a bad idea because not everything in shows can be all happy-happy, can it? Otherwise it would be unrealistic, especially with a show such as Glee which gives views on the cruelty of other people. 😀 Just saying. Still love Brittany, as they made up and everythingggsss.