national coming out day, college-educated women can get married too, and more!

Happy National Coming Out Day! One gURL talks about how she told her mother, a Type-A perfectionist and former prom queen, that she was a tattered-boot-wearing, jean-slumming lesbian. [Lemondrop]

It turns out a little gossip might be good for the soul… or for friendships, more specifically. The catch? The gossip has to be positive. [TresSugar]

College-educated women are now just as likely to get marry as women who don’t pursue higher education. Great, although it’s hard to be excited about something that should be a given — not newsworthy. [Glamour]

From Glee to Gossip Girl, check out the best fictional BFFs. What we wouldn’t give for a bestie like Phoebe Buffay… [CollegeCandy]

A first-hand account of what’s it’s like to sleep with a first-timer. [YourTango]

So, what do guys really think about Cosmopolitan’s crazy sex tips? Here’s a peek: “Honestly, hearing a turkey baster combined with sex just reminds me of in vitro.” Okay, then. [HerCampus]

And speaking of Cosmo, you might be surprised to hear that dieting is the worst thing you can do for your boobs. On that note, have another cookie. [Cosmopolitan]

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