advice gURL: my boyfriend smokes pot and is lying about it!

From’s Shout Out Boards: So my boyfriend is TOTALLY a pothead.  He’ll smoke at lunch and school and at home like everyday it seems. Once, he smoked 6 times on the weekend. He knows I don’t like him smoking but when he told me he would slow down, he didn’t. Another time, he specifically told me he was not going to smoke this one lunch and then I found out later he lied. He said he hasn’t lied about it any other time but idk.
He has started to get me into it but now I don’t hang out with him when he smokes because I don’t want to. This girl who’s been his friend for awhile smokes with him and he has began to hang out with her then he hangs out with me. I know hes not gonna cheat on me or anything.. so idk why I’m jealous.

I just wanna know what you would do in this situation


Help a gURL out! What would you do if your sweetie was lying to you about doing drugs?


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  • miracle

    Hey. I have dealt with the exact same situation. As much as it hurts, if he chooses to lie to you over weed, he is choosing it over you. Personally I don't support the use of illegal drugs but love can make things hazy. Don't settle for less. You're worth too much. Also pray about it. Love you girl:)

  • Sydney

    I would honistly be worried. He lied to your face many times and he doesn't seem trust worthy. If I was you I would break up with him because without trust there is NO point to a realationship. The fact that your even questioning him is a bad sign. I'm by no means agenst weed. However he seems to have an adictive personality. These are just my opinions, I think you should do what will make you happiest in the long run. I sincerly hope this works out for you.

  • Steph

    i would be a little worried, if he wont give it up for you then screw him. i dont mean to put things in your head but smoking pot rages hormones (he probably wants to have alot of sex) when hes high. im not against smoking pot but he obviously has an addiction if he cant give it up. if this was my bf, i would be very dissapointed, me and my bf smoke weed together occaisionally and its not during school. hes a low life and his grades are probably going down the drain so why should you stay? what would make YOU happy is the most important thing. there are better guys out there, i promise (yn)