couples talk 15 minutes a day, sometimes guys are just too nice, and more!

1 in 10 couples communicate via email or phone more often than in person… and 1 in 5 speak with their significant other just 15 minutes a day.  Wowza. [Lemondrop]

Is there such a thing as too nice when it comes to guys? Do you like a little bad with your boy, or do you swoon over romantic gestures like flowers? [TresSugar]

One gURL demystifies depression. Pop culture glamorizes it, but in reality, dealing with depression is pretty boring. [TheFrisky]

Listen up, guys: relationship baggage is not an excuse. We’re talking to you, John Mayer! And, um, every other guy out there who has ever played the I’ve-had-my-heart-stomped-on card. [College Candy]

Can your mother be your mom and your bestie? Here’s what to do when your mom tries to BFF you. [HerCampus]

How can you tell if someone’s just being friendly… or if someone’s being flirty? There’s a fine line. [YourTango]

more ways to get gURLy:

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