confession: i had a dream where my dad kissed me!

rumer and dad, bruce willis.

It was really really weird and I felt so wrong about it, even though I know I had no control over it. Or at least not conscious control , anyway. But I was in deep sleep and my mom asked me if my dad had ever come on to me and all of a sudden, my dad was kissing me in my dream! It was so weird and I woke up immediately!  I have such “normal” parents and my dad has NEVER come on to me. The complete opposite. Has this ever happened to anyone else before?  – Riley

Confess gURLs, have you ever had a strange dream about your parents or your dad? Share below and help Riley out!

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  • karina

    OMG I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! I had a sex dream about my dad and when I woke up I was totally freaked out and ashamed!! Lmao so I looked on the internet to see if it was normal xD

  • FamilyGirl

    when I was younger from 12 – 15 I was having these dreams a lot, I was having sex with my uncle & dad they included me getting pregnant & having a baby, we’d do all kinds of sexual things together always them cuming in me, the thing is it never grossed me out I actually enjoyed the dreams & was enjoying every thing that went on in the dream while in the dream & after it finished to.

  • Nicola

    Omg! Im not the only one what happened to me was i was having a dream about having sex with a boy i really badly had a crush on and suddenly it was my dad not the boy i tried to put the boy back in the dream but it was my dad ewww i was so freaked out it only happened once though ahhh i felt sooo stupid

  • Tany

    Omg Same Thing With Me Ive had A Lot Of Dreams Like That But It Was With My Brother Ewwww When I Woke Up I Tried To Forget It But Its Impossible!!:/ Disgusting

  • lucy

    ew you freaks,this is NOT normal at all,there’s something wrong with you ALL..weird!

  • Eloise

    OMG! I thought i was the only one! *sigh* this makes me feel so much better. i have actually dreamed of having sexual intercourse with my dad. it is too weird! last night i dreamed that we were making out. then he tried to go to my boobs and i told him no… i was looking up if this is normal. I’m so happy other people have had dreams like this.

  • Anonymous

    I had one were i was kiss my Coach and when i went to school the next day he wanted to talk to me out in the hall i was freaking out because i told one of my friends about that dream and i though that he had here it but he just wanted to tell me that i need to turn somthing in.

  • i like mangoz

    omg i had the same thing i scared cause i dont know if its a reall reall wierd dream or a memory
    This little “MEMORY” got me depressed and ashamed of myself for 2 weeks. I am always a good girl, since i am a teenager ( 15) i am a curious about sex. Well here is the MEMORY that i got from out of the blue when i was watching the movie the aristocats ( when i was watching this a little voice in my head told me i was a bad person and gave me some really scary out of character “memories”) the first one is me and my brother playing truth or dare in the house that we lived in in 2010 and i remembered what i dared him in the eco lodge and dared him to hump the bed ( really weird) ( i was like 13 and he was 9 at the time, and i dont make him do that stuff) then there is the same one except we are in the eco lodge ( an hotel we were in before the house in 2010) and we were jumping on the bed , and i decided to dare him to be like his arch enemy auzza and he is a perv so i dared him to hump the bed.( weird right)Then me and him were playing and i asked him what he would do if his crush was the pillow and then my brother took his clothes off and started doing stuff that was really inappropriate and gross and i was laughing and joking around and i even caused him to make is thing go up and down( wtf), and after that i got really depressed i though i was a child molester and a sexual assaulter and i was thinking of ways to punish myself, and i hated myself and was ashamed. Then i talked to my mom and dad about the things ive “done”, and then i told my brother ( 11) and he said he doesn’t remember them at all and that it was probitya dream or something. and i started to think, because i cant let myself off that easy and i started to get convinced because …
    1.he doesnt remember it at all
    2. we have a normal brother and sister relationship
    4. if i did do this i would have though about this for like forever
    5.joseph doesnt show any signs of kids who have been sexually abused

    It may be true.
    1. When i think about this i get a dejavu feeling
    2. me and my brother have played dolls and their was sex in it.
    3. whe i ask hima bout it he gets all wierd and nervous and is al like i dont like to talk about stuff like this , its nasty or ewwwww!! ( he gets really uncomfortable if you talk about sexual stuff )

    is this a dream plz help me

  • cc

    I glad i not the only girl who had a dream like that. I had a threesome with my parents. i am 17 and i was thinking i not normal. Am i normal? Well any way i wont go in there bed room.

  • Well my dream was about me and my brother kissing and it was soooo weird I woke up feeling grossed out I don't have a bf but it was so gross in my dream I also enjoyed it I was the one that kept kissing him ewwwwwwww

  • Twyla

    I have also… But my first dream occured when I was younger; my brother had asked me to have sex with him…the next dream occured last year; me and my brother actually had sex and I enjoyed it….I dreamed last night that me and my dad were were making out on the floor…I feel like there is something wrong with me…I enjoyed them In my dreams but I always wake up feeling grosssss…..I've looked this type of thing up lots before but I dont believe i've found the answers yet.

  • Syd

    Yeah, I have.

    I've had numerous dreams from age – 10 to 13 about BOTH of my parents, except I was worse.

    I fantasized about SEX with them.

    When I woke up I felt extremely disgusted with myself.

    The gross factor was enough to make the dreams go away lol

    Don't worry, It's just a phase. I found out that many of my friends has had that type of thing go on with them before.

    Most of them had one thing in common, including me.

    They all heard there parents going at it or saw them making out before. *shrugs*