top sex icons of all time, “unfriending” on facebook, and more!

bettie page is such a gURL

Bettie Page tops the list of best sex icons of all times. We agree, but Megan Fox over Dita von Teese? Really? [Shine]

Can guys and gURLs be “just friends?” We says YES, but what do you think? [Glamour]

Have you ever “un-friended” someone on Facebook? Why? [Tres Sugar]

Geeks make the best boyfriends; here’s how to date a nerd. [CollegeCandy]

Have you ever wanted to read the mind of a guy? Reading these regrets of 20-something boys is pretty close. [Lemondrop]

No surprise to many gURLs out there, but moms are more critical about their daughters than their sons. [Jezebel]

more ways to get gURLy:

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