vlog time! lena weighs in on making (and keeping) a purity pledge

joe's got ashley in one hand and no ring on the other!

It almost seems as if Disney stars are contractually taking purity pledges. We’re not the only ones taking note that many of them have opted to publicly speak out about abstinence and even wear “purity rings.”  At 18, Selena Gomez is pretty serious about keeping her purity pledge to wait until marriage to engage in intercourse. But others are going back on their word. Most recently? Joe Jonas, who made the pledge to keep his virginity but has recently lost the ring.

Obviously, it’s not our business to discuss whether or not he’s actually getting it done with Ashley Greene, but what we do want to note is that he’s obviously reconsidered his purity pledge. And you know what? That’s not a bad thing. A lot of gURLs and guys do.

In the vid below, I answer a question from Kelly who took a pledge years ago but is now rethinking it. Here’s my advice for her, and Joe:

How do you feel about abstinence pledges? Have you worn a purity ring? Do you still? When did it come off?
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  • well i believe that virginity is a special thing and those that dont see that are idiots have fun getting AIDS and being seen as cheap

    • artista

      Yes, virginity is a special thing, but some may feel comfortable enough with someone that they choose to have sex. It doesn’t make you an idiot, and there is such a thing as protection. Plenty of people have sex, and judging and name calling is immature. Having sex doesn’t make you cheap.

  • Great advice Lena!! I completely agree, and as for Joe Jonas…. at least he was man enough to take it off! I would probably be more angry if he kept wearing the ring and deceived his fans.