teen boys have smarter sex than grown men

Slip it on before you slip it in.

So there’s all this talk that teenagers are irresponsible about sex, but FINALLY, we have proof that it’s NOT TRUE! The biggest national sex study since, well, our birth was just released, and you’ll be so happy to hear that teens are actually MORE in control than adults!

Nearly 80% of 14-17-year-old boys used a condom the last time they had sex. Good job, guys, way to cover it up! The not-so-great news? Only 58% of girls in that same age group had sex with a rubber, which means they must be having sex with older guys… because, unfortunately, only 45% of guys between the ages of 18- and 24-years old wore condoms. Since we can assume they’re having just as much sex as younger guys, that’s a pretty horrifying decrease in, uh, traffic.

If you’re having sex with an older guy, make sure to practice safe sex. You’re on the pill, you say? Doesn’t matter. Although oral contraceptives do protect against pregnancy, they offer ZERO protection against STDs. In case you need a refresher, one in four gURLs has an STD. Not to go all after-school-special on you, but do you want to be part of a statistic?

No glove, no love. Regardless of age, regardless of other means of protection, cover it up when he gets it up… Have you noticed younger dudes are more careful, and older dudes are more reckless? What can we do to make sure dudes are prepared and armed?

The ladies at Jezebel posted more fascinating results here (especially about masturbation). So check it out and share what you think about the results below!


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