discuss: is it ok for gURLs to degrade guys?

You’ve probably heard of college fraternities “hot listing” gURLs at their colleges, but a female student at Duke University took the “hot list” to a whole new level — with an “f***” list.

According to Jezebel, the student wrote up a Powerpoint presentation — aptly titled “An Education Beyond the Classroom: Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics” — detailing and outlining every aspect of her sex life with guys on her school’s Lacrosse team. She graded each of them in categories such as “physical attractiveness,” “size,” “talent” and “creativity.” She sent the Powerpoint — complete with photos of the guys she’d slept with and very private details of what they did together — to just a few friends who then sent it out to the public.

The backlash? The guys in the slideshow, as well as parents, teachers and the gURL’s friends are all speaking out on how disgusting it was of her to keep such a diary and make it so public.

Do you agree? Is it OK for a gURL to degrade guys in this way? Is it OK for gURLs to be as aggressive and open with sex as guys are? And would you ever write and post your own “f” list, even amongst your friends? Weigh in below, gURLs!

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  • Serena

    Cathy, how do you know it's the lacrosse team? I heard soccer players are the horniest!

  • Kelsi

    I think that's its not ok, but at the same time men do it and no one really gets on them for it. like i think the whole idea is wrong, but having a double standard is a little worst. I think she needs to worry less about "doing" a guy and worry more on school and finding a good guy, cause if she completes her list she may find a good guy for her who may not want her b/c of what she did in the past. As bad and wrong as it sounds, men do judge women on their past no matter how much the woman may change.

    • Serena

      Totally right! Not making a big deal when guys objectify girls is crap!

  • Abbie

    Not only is this just.. wrong, it's also kind of right, too. As you questioned in the last few paragraphs, girls can be just as aggressive with sex as guys are. I'm not saying they should be, nor am I saying guys should be, but, for every girl who has had fake nude pictures of her leaked, I think this is kind of the equivalent.

  • Cathy

    I think it was totally wrong for this girl to do this. I see how she may tell her close friends who she thought were "fun in bed" but to make a power point of it and to make categories and grade these guys is wrong, and to make it public is even worse. This girl shows she has no class what so ever by doing this. Us girls always want respect from guys but doing the things a stereotypical guy does is not the way to go about it. If you want respect give yourself some then give others some. She obviously can`t even respect herself if she is that easy to do the whole lacrosse team! And to ruin these guys reputation is very wrong. When can we excepted in society more if we are degrading ourselves and men?