exclusive video!: lena and jersey shore’s sammi sweetheart set the record straight on sluttiness (and snooki)

it's time to demolish double standards!

As a feminist (OK, sometimes I fail) with a degree in gender studies, double standards don’t surprise me, but they do need attention.

Case in point: Guys like John Mayer being called “studs” while they participate in the exact same sexual behaviors as a gURL like Snooki from Jersey Shore, but the gURL is called a “slut.” Obviously degrading for one sex and NOT the other.

Who decides what constitutes sluttiness? And why is the bar set so much lower for women?

Take a peek at my exclusive video below — I not only call out this ugly double standard, but Snooki’s “friend” from Jersey Shore , Sammi Sweetheart joins in on the debate and sets the record straight on Snooki’s alleged sluttiness (though, she doesn’t exactly know who John Mayer is…but does that matter?).

So what is a slut to you? When do you think we will get to the point where engaging in responsible sexual acts with multiple partners is not considered slutty, and is considered studly, like the boys? Post comments below!

Read up on Sammi’s exclusive gURL.com Q&A where she dishes on the cast, healthy eating habits, and what she wants to do after Jersey Shore.

And gURLs? I’m around and here for you so email me your questions, opinions, and confessions at askanexpert@gurl.com.


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  • jada

    Most of the kids on Jersey Shore (boys and girls) are SLUTS!

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  • I don't get it, The girls that are on the Jersey shore tv show remind me of the pigs you could alway's pick up in a bar at 3 am if you could'nt find a decent girl throughout the night. The fact that these pigs are held in high regard is a testement that People from NJ fornicated with mules.

  • Evie

    There's no such thing as a slut.

  • Karlie

    My opnion is taht these people need to know where these terms come from slut comes from prostitution and nobody has the right to take away your self worth by a simple and stupid word its all just words you guys if someone calls you ugly, stupid, fat or yes a slut does that make you one or do you choose to belive you are confidence comes from within have the courage to take back who you are as a woman and never ever allow someone to knock you down to their level ever again

  • jennyBgood

    i call my friends my sluts which i know some people think is degrading, but I just think that it actually calls to the fact that the definition of slut is so arbitrary that like, in some people's eyes, anyone is a slut! masturbating makes someone a slut to some people! So if we're all sluts then no one is a slut. I think "slut" is just a mean word for promiscuity, guy or gurl.

    And go sammi for sticking up for snooki.