Exclusive Video! Lena’s Advice To Sammi “Sweetheart” And Sammi Snaps Back!

sammi sweetheart speaks!

It was really hard to watch Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola from Jersey Shore go back to her cheating, lying SOBBF, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, so we here at gURL had to address it. In the below video, I offered my two cents, and Sammi was all too happy to tell her side of the story.

Watch the vid and share your comments below! Do you think Sammi should’ve seen it coming? If you were Sammi’s friend and saw Ronnie cheating, would you have told her to her face or written a letter like Snooki and JWOWW? Or do you totally see where Sammi was coming from?

Bonus! Check out our exclusive Q&A with Sammi, where she sounds off on “The Situation” on Dancing with the Stars and why she’s on a “whole new level” now.

And come back tomorrow, when Sammi clears the air on a certain cast member’s sluttiness!


P.S. Check out the full Q&A from Sammi’s interview here!!

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  • I cant believe something like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and more than that you dont sound like an idiot! Finally

  • Tammy

    I love Sammi. I think she's the coolest chic on the show. I think she may have overreacted a little, but JWOWW and snookie should have sat her down and told her everything they knew. i know they wanted to help but the way it was done was a little embarassing. why hide behind a letter? someone said it seemed like they cared more about protecting their friendship with ron than being true girlfirends to sammi..and i completely agree. If she was my friend i would have let her know what was going down from the minute I heard about it. now on to angelina…she's an idiot and they need to keep her off the show.

    • Sammi get over yourself! you know what ronnie did, why you still with him you just look like the dumbest bitch ever and the girls did tell you wheather it was in a note who cares if they didnt tell you face to face atleast you read it and know what ron did! quit blameing others but yourself! grow up! dump the kid! your basically telling ron its cool to cheat on you! if he cheated on you once twice maybe three times what does that tell you dump him! and quit acting like your "hooooorrrrrrdddd" as pauly would say ,cause sammi your not!

  • Janette


    I think she needs to get over herself… I love Sammi, but the way she acted about the whole note thing was, in my opinion- LAME. I mean, Jenni and Snooks were her freinds before her and Ron got together for one. So someone who claims to be a real friend, should know that they were just trying to help her. But, in so many ways it is SO TRUE that girls really do believe thier boyfriend over the people who, no matter how much it hurts are telling the truth. I think she just needs to get over herself, get over Ron especially and be cool with Snooks and Jwow.

  • Loretta

    I think Jwow and Snookie was just trying to help her. Sammi is just to embarrassed to Own Up to the fact that she looked like a fool turning on her own "friends." I honestly feel they only had good intentions in mind. Unless they literally laughed in her face making it a game, I don't believe Sam one bit. And then behind that she still stayed with the "Douche Bag" (Ron) because she claimed that she had no one there and was just "trying to survive." If she was truly trying to survive like she claims, she would have apologizes, thanked, or even sat down and talked to the ones that were trying to help her instead of climbing in to bed every night with that Trash that claims he is a man. If she had really wanted to survive, she would have Faked being friends with the girls until she could leave just like she Faked it was Ron just to have someone to crawl back to.

  • Mikeshia

    Sammi had a right to feel the way she did. But in all honesty, I don't think Snooki or JWOWW meant the note in a harmful or malicious manner. They were trying to look out for her and didn't really know how else to do it, besides make a note. Owning up to the note in the first place, would've probably made an argument erupt, just like what we saw on television. But Sammi should've really seen it coming! Ronnie was acting like a creep in order to break up or get in an argument with Sammi before he went out with the guys… That's mad suspicious to me. As for Snooki or JWOWW being fake, they weren't. The only one truly fake in the house is Angelina :/

    • Loretta

      Exactly! Angelina is so fake its unforgivable. And according to what we saw on TV, Angelina fed the flames by twisting and giving Sammi info about Jwow and Snookie. And the fact that Sammi would rather believe her than Jwow and Snookie shows how much in denial she was about everything. And instead of Owning up to it, she blamed it on the Jwow and Snookie just to save herself from the embarrassment when she only made herself look more ridiculous by going back to Ron.