confession: i made my barbie dolls 69

fun with barbie!

I know this sounds crazy, but when I was still playing with my Barbies, I always made them make out and kiss, which is pretty typical, so I’ve heard. But when no one was looking, I’d wrap one Barbie around the other and make them 69. I didn’t even know it was 69! It just seemed like something they should do! – highlightergirl47

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  • VickyBu

    ha ha yep!!!

  • diana

    OMG! i did that too! i did that with barbies and ponies!

  • kat

    i thought i was a nasty mind but this makes me see that i am not the only mind

  • Jenny

    Omb we are all freaks including my but I didn’t know it was wrong but I guess I didn’t think it was right

  • Softball Girl

    LOL! I did (do 🙂 to! But, I don’t just do that… I make them do it in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. And, sometimes with more than one! I feel so guilty! Plus I do the whole thing, even when they take their clothes off!

  • Kiki

    OMG! My barbies did not only ’69, but they did oral, anal, and not to mention some very….interesting yoga positions! I thought I was a perv when I was 6…

  • katie

    i thought i was the only one who did that, but apparently not hahaha! i was only 5 or 6, so i definitely didn’t even know it was a legit position… it just seemed like something that would feel good!

  • MissPriss

    I did the same thing haha !

  • i like mangoz

    omg i thought i was the only one

  • aliyah

    not alone i did the same XD

  • jeni

    I did the same. I took it step further And long story short I therw away Ken And it was a dream hous for lezzies only.

  • Sasha

    Me toooo!!! lol
    You’re not alone on this at all, I’ve had several friends joke around about how they used to do the same with theirs. How they would make 3some’s with their dolls, and would, or would not, include Ken. lol!! 😀

  • Hayden

    What is a 69??? Can someone please tell me!!!

    • aelx :)

      blow job

    • Kaitie

      Its when two people do oral at the same time!

    • iluvgrapefruit

      Search 69 wikipedia

  • Rachel

    I did that as well

  • Destinee

    I did that too. But I didn't take their clothes off.. My mom would walk in on random times

  • gabrielle

    i think almost every-one including me has made their barbie dolls 69 or makeout/kiss. lol 🙂

  • Morgan R

    wow lol lol…..

  • Keshia

    lol! i did that as well! i also had this super man action figure and i'd allow to get some action as well.

  • akaila

    i did that too!