can i have sex during my period? how?

dear heather,

Can you have sex during your period? How?

It’s safe to have sex during your period — or as safe as it ever is to have sex, anyway. There’s a big misconception that you can’t get pregnant on your period, but that’s so not true. While it’s not typical of women past puberty, if you are in your teens, you could be ovulating on one ovary while menstruating with the other. And pregnancy isn’t your only concern. In fact, STDs and other sexual infections are more likely to pass when you’re on your period because the cervix is lower. But can you have sex on your period? Well, yeah.

You’ll want to make sure it’s with somebody you really trust, which should
always be the case when you have sex. You’ll also definitely want to give him or her a, um, head’s up (no innuendo intended) that you’re on your period, you’re currently bleeding, and there might be a mess.

Now on to the how. If you’re both still in to it, lay a dark-colored towel down first and skip the lube — you won’t need it with the blood. If blood grosses you out, look into using softcups, diaphragms, and female condoms, which capture menstruation flow above penetration. It does get messy.

Whatever you do, be safe and only do things you feel comfortable doing.

take care,

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  1. avatarBoss Keneth says:

    yo fam me and my gal been busy dem heavenly 4 days she been taken by da comunists but i dnt care peace

    • avatarSarah Smith says:

      Boss Kenneth you have said it right here. I wish that I could have a man that is as forward minded and open. You are a shining beacon for other men who should be giving it to their girlfriends right! Pull that string!!!!

  2. avatarFaith says:

    Heather wat abt men some say having sex on ur period men gets sick

  3. avatarjennifer stewart says:

    um i don’t do that and trust me i’ve had guys never contact me again i think modesty is key especially during a delicate al bet gross time in your life

  4. avatarHayley says:

    Well it’s not always just one week as what if you give birth sometimes it last up to 8 Weeks

  5. avatarPatricia Vynchester says:

    My bf and I used to hate having sex on period, it was just too nasty. but after I read this interesting blog I learned how to spice it up during these days. Men are so simple, just give them great sex and you will keep them forever, LOL :)

  6. avatarNespo says:

    I would do it but my boyfriend is literally disgusted even by simple things. So lucky you if you have a bf who would do it. Try it out, don waste such opportunities coz it could be fun!

  7. avatarSandy says:

    ive done it and plenty times with my boyfriend of 4years grow up immature prude b****es

  8. avatargavin says:

    it's not actually that gross as everyone thinks but a lot more fun. i have done it once. we only have one life and must enjoy it to the fullest. "soccer gets exciting when its raining and muddy" :)

  9. avatarFlavia says:

    You forgot to mention that sex during your period is good for dealing with menstrual cramps.

    I recommend it to all girls. It helps SO MUCH.

  10. avatarSam says:

    It's sad how completely close minded people are. Just because you might find it disgusting does not mean everyone else should. People are entitled to their own opinions.

  11. avatarAnna says:

    Hey girls. I know that some of you think this is gross, but different people are into different things. Some guys think having sex involving vaginas AT ALL is gross. Some people think female lubrication is gross. Some people think tongue kissing is gross.

    Everyone is different. If you think having sex during your period is gross, then don't do it! But don't say other people should not be able to.

    I've had sex during my period, and it's fine! But that's for me.

  12. avatarliljazzbouttaspaz says:

    why would you even want to? F***ING GROSS!

  13. avatarGuerrita says:

    Well you could have sex on your period,, but the only thing is its a bigger risk to get pregnant b utmore than usual when your not on it,, ive had sex on my period and it helps with cramps and it hurts a little bit but,,, my suggestion to you is have sex in the shower if your choosing to do it when your on it that way you both can rinse off the blood and it wont get everywhere,, ive dont it like that so its ok to have sex on it and you do it the way you normally do theres no change just because your on it,,

  14. avatarlaureng says:

    i personally don't see what's so gross about it. i haven't done it, but i would.

  15. avataradilah says:

    oh my god. please don't listen to heather. can't you just wait for one week? i mean, really…

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