lena’s advice: i joined an lgbt club and my parents think i’m a lesbian!

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Hey Lena, I joined my school’s gay students alliance and now my parents are convinced I’m a lesbian. I just think gay rights are important! How can I convince them that I still like boys? -Jenny

It’s frustrating to have your actions misconstrued, but you could try looking at this situation as an opportunity. Your parents don’t understand why a straight person might support queer rights, but you have personal reasons for doing so. Sit down with the parental units for a discussion about why gay rights are important to you. You may not like other gURLs, but you can still be passionate about a human rights issue like queer equality.

And even if you were gay, that shouldn’t be a problem! When their speculation makes you uncomfortable, remind them that your love life isn’t up for public discussion. And if you’re dating someone, you can always introduce him to your parents and put their suspicions to rest. If you’re not, just agree to disagree. I applaud you for your conviction and confidence and I know, deep down, they are proud too. Keep it up!


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