discuss: why is my boyfriend so mean?

mean boyfriends are not cool.

Question: My boyfriend has two different personalities. He’s not bipolar, but he can be so mean sometimes. He doesn’t give me the attention he used to when we first started out.. like he is “trying” to get to me. But now he probably feels like he doesn’t have to try, so that’s why he’s a jerk? I dunno.

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  1. avatarROSE LY says:


  2. avatarCoolBoy17 says:

    If he really was a nice guy and really cared, I don't think he would act like that. Take a good hard look at him. Is this what you want and need from the guy you are with? If not, it's time to move on.

    You should be aware that it's the nature of guys to work really hard to "get the girl", then once he has her I reverts to his true self. As I already said, if you don't like what he has reverted to, then find someone new.

  3. avatardina says:

    youd be surprised how many guys are liek that. why be nice and waste time giving attention when he already has you?

  4. avatarsarah says:

    dump em i had one like that we were perfect in the begining and in the end he broke up with me for another gurl

  5. avatarjennyBgood says:

    I say Dump Him! you deserve better! And I love the new blog gurl! so cool. gurls rawk.

  6. avatarKlotheshorse says:

    idk, a lot of guys i've dated have loved seeing me get all riled up and like to push my buttons, but honestly, it gets old. i'd rather be single than date douche who can't be nice to me, even if he is "just kidding."

    • avatarAshleyyBABYYY!!!! says:

      my best friend is like that and he hugs me all the time and last year he made me break up with my bf so he could get the rebound and he told me that he loves me and calls me baby and babe come here and he was always there for me but then like i broke up with my bf and he didnt do anything and i regret it so much now

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