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Young & Curvy: Scarlett Johansson at 12.

Question: Okay, well I have body issues. I have curves and I’m young. No other gURLs have curves like me. The rest are all skinnier than me and I feel so different! I never get asked out or anything. Can you gURLs help?

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  • Shayla

    Darling, I'm 16, with curves, and I've never been asked out. I'm nice and not bad-looking, but I have just never been asked out. The difference is that I know that guys love curves, so I'm not in any rush to change them in order to get a date. As luck would have it, you probably just haven't found the right guy yet. We've all got amazing attributes, but sometimes they don't give guys that click connection. You can be beautiful and nice, but no one can fool themselves of a connection that isn't there. As a girl, I'm sure you've come across this situation from the other end! You've probably met a handsome, nice guy before but haven't had a connection with him that makes you like him. Think of it like that. :] And any guy who cares for your body isn't worth being with in the first place, and chances are: All those boy-figured girls at envious of your body! All of my friends tell me they're envious of my curves, and until a few years ago, I had never heard of curves being a good thing! Curves have been proven to be the most attractive thing on a girl these days. Embrace your curves and know that they've got nothing to do with attracting a man who's worth-while.

  • eileen

    girl my friends all say they have body issues and their 15, 16, 17, 18 years old, but they don't it's good to have curves. i am telling u the same thing i tell them ur skinny and curves are a good thing to have. i might be skinny but i have curves. i agree with stacy and katie they are right curves are a good thing. Just wait for a boy to ask u out i don't know how old u are but i didn't start dating till i was 16. don't worry u will date just be patient. Also being different is not a bad thing. i should know i am shorter and skinnier than most of my class mates. I love being different I don't care if i am short i like being different it make me unique. Being different is a good thing it makes u unique .

  • Stacey

    I also have curves girl! I don't know how old you are, but most men love curves! Most of the time, they look for curvy girls because boyish figures are… well boyish! Your curves make you a woman!! Embrace them! Confidence is sexy! If you think your sexy, chances are, men will too!

  • Katie

    Curves are beautiful, it's what makes us gURLS!!!!! Love your hips, bottom, and brests. It's your body, learn to love it!!!