confession: waiting until you’re ready

about to pop?

When will you be ready? Here are four gURLs opinions — After you’re done reading ’em, feel free to leave your own thoughts about waiting until you’re ready.

“Waiting until you’re ready emotionally and mentally (physically too–sex at age 11 seems like it could really mess up your body) to have sex is, I think, one of the most important choices you will ever make. I understand why some people feel the need to wait until marriage, because I know I didn’t want to have sex until I was completely in love, and at a secure place in my life, and for some people that doesn’t come until marriage ….” — Katie

While I don’t encourage really early sex, I don’t see the point of waiting till marriage. I don’t really want to get married….I don’t see the point in that either! Anyways, so I should die without experiencing something because society looks down on my legal relationship status at the time? Screw that!” —Kasey

“I understand that waiting is a very important thing to people. It’s just as important to others as it is to me. But the thing is, it is very difficult to wait. I mean, when you know that you’re with that special someone, and you truly believe they’re the one, then its going to be hard to think twice. With my bf right now, i want to wait. But if the ‘guy’ that i will for always have a crush asked, than yeah… i would give it up to him, because of the chemistry that is there. Don’t get me wrong i love my bf, but I’m not sure if he is the one…” — love<3

“I think that everyone should wait until they are absolutely ready. If not, you’ll simply regret it. I don’t think that virginity is something special and sacred that needs to be saved for ‘the person you’ll be with forever’ or whatever bullshit like that. I think you should wait until you are ready and find someone who you genuinely want to be with, and then go for it … ” —fabby

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  • angelgurl

    Lookin at wat happenes all the time I dont think waitin is any better.
    I thnk if u like the guy and it feels rite then u dont have to wait and stuff. I havent told my mom I am doing it. Only 2 of my best frends know. I go to my bfs place after school. He is in Uni and its great 2 hav a place were we can do it witout no one finding out. His younger sis who is 15 is 3 grades above me but I think she knows, becoz shes seen me in his room many times. She told me to b careful becoz Im so young. My frends cover for me wen I go to his place Hes so kewl n wen we do it he makes me feel good.

  • M

    Personally, I’ve never been a big “wait until marriage” person, I never gave it much thought to it until this year. My two best friends are huge advocates on saving themselves and I can’t see myself living by those standards. I’m 17 and a senior in high school, I just promised myself to not have sex until I graduate. Granted, I’m not in a relationship– nor have I ever been in one– I just want to say I went through high school pure. Additionally, I’ve never gone further than making out. This whole topic seems too overdone with a lot of extremes being put out there. I can see myself having sex with my best guy friend, the only thing I’m worried about is becoming emotionally attached before leaving for college. Just form your own opinion and make sure you’re doing things that are best for you and for your mental and physical health.

  • Sammie

    I know that i am not going to wait till i get married because i get atracted to people like that alot and i know that i will not be able to trun it down i know that i am ready so i am good with it