confession: sexual fantasies

“I am very much in love with my boyfriend, but sometimes I have sexual fantasies that don’t involve him at all.

–a gURL user

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  • perfectdisaster

    yeah, i have em. But yknow what’s worse.? when a guy you randomly hook up with asks you about them. an in certain situations, i can’t hide my emotions. so he kept bothering me abot my fantasies for like days.

  • diana

    i think it’s totally normal. sometimes, i fantasize taylor lantner and me french kissing!!!‹3!

  • SAM

    It’s totally natural to have fantasies about other men/women when you are in love and with someone. I think when you love someone, it’s impossible to fantasize about them because you love them and respect them. That’s how it is for me, at least. I think romantic with them, not dirty. Anyway, when I was dating (most of my exes) I’d have fantasies about usually Harry Potter, Stan Marsh, Isaac Brock, Ezra Koenig, Percy Jackson, and some actors. You know, the norm. 😉

  • Sasha

    Out of all the boyfriends I’ve had (5), only 1 of my boyfriends have ended up in my fantasies. But every since I came across my gpaws porn when I was 5, I’ve always fantasized about girls (with exception of that 1 bf). XD

  • RuthSama

    That's completely normal. Everyone has fantasies sometimes.

  • Naoto


    My sexual fantasies are totally random, and I've got a girlfriend.

    I think it's weird to have fantasies about people in real life, 'cause you feel awkward talking to them the next day.

    • thatgirl

      so ur a boy, on ? ok then….

  • marian

    itS okaY…foR me..
    aS a teenaGer…thereS nothing wrOng with that..
    buT dont make it a habIt..
    you know..
    you might grow up..
    as a SEX ADDICT!

  • Lizz

    I have fantasy about guys in books…you know like er….draco malfoy…(blush) and this one time i called my bf draco…as long as you dont do that i think its fine

    • miriam

      lol me to i deamt we french kissed

      • iluvgrapefruit

        Cool! U like tom ^_^

    • LunaticCity

      Omg me too! Draco is too fucking hot. But I have serious crushes on guys I like from books i’ve read… And games… And some movies… And TV series… (Dexter<3) And animes… And so many things! xD Fantasies are quite obviously okay in my book ;D

      • LunaticCity

        Omg me too! Draco is too hot. But I have serious crushes on guys I like from books i’ve read… And games… And some movies… And TV series… (Dexter<3) And animes… And so many things! xD Fantasies are quite obviously okay in my book ;D

      • Fpb

        Come out with your ideas like your telling her your mate has been trniyg such and such and ask her if she would ever be up for anything like that?Even if she does reject the idea, it wont make a big impact if you have been together for 8 years!! Hope this helped

  • Floozin'4ABoozi


    • NerdAlert

      Hey gurl! I wouldn’t worry if I were you! As you can probably see, a lot of people have em! I totally get of u don’t have ur bf in them, even if it’s a book, movie, or play character (or even another guy that u kinda like) it’s NOT WEIRD! I have so many of me that it’s normal for me! It isn’t a sign u should brake up!

  • jerseyy

    Everyone has sexual fantasies. And I think they can always make relationships even better with the sparks they bring? Hmm..

  • Marian

    No its not wrong sometimes you can have sexual fantasies that don't involve your boyfriend and maybe someone else maybe its because hes not good in bed or I dont know but its totally healthy.

  • Katie is awesome

    no that's healthy. I do that all the time and your not alone

  • Vintage™

    I think its nuttin wrong with it ,its not like your cheating on them
    Even though I am single I have sexual fantasies about my ex-boyfriend
    Even though when I was in a relationship I offten fantasyed
    Of our men. Even though I was in love with him

  • Nikia

    Ive been going to my new school since sept. and ive been having fantasies and dreams about this one girl in my class, we have only spoken twice and i have a bf whom i care 4 so fantasize its normal

    • Kayla

      LOL so does this mean you are bi? I thought i was the only one who thought about girls when im in a lovong relationship with a guy

  • It is no big deal. I sometimes fantasize about boys I find attractive but it definitely does not mean I love my boyfriend less. Just means I have an awesome imagination 🙂

  • crazy witch

    Hey, it's normal to fantasize about people other than your significant other. Healthy even. And chances are, though you don't want to hear it, he's doing some fantasizing of his own about other people. Sometimes role playing helps these particular urges, not to mention probably kind of fun! 😉

  • kAyy.

    HECK NO!
    lol i may not have a boyfriend
    but grlll im madllly in love with a
    boy ive been talking to and you think hes the only one i think about deff not lol i think all kinds of sexyyy guys i know lol = ]

  • InsomiacKoneko

    It's fine. As long as you don't tell him. Or act on them.