my boyfriend is ugly

dear heather,

My boyfriend is ugly… but he’s an awesome guy. I think he might even be the one I want to give my virginity to. However, my friends are so harsh when they see him! I try not to pay them attention, but it stills hurts. What should I do?

Wow, you obviously found a guy that you really like, and you know what? You deserve that! Don’t let your friends ruin what you have with him. I know things can sometimes get messy with friends and boyfriends, but you have to try to keep those parts of your life separate–at least sometimes. You know that saying? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Yea, you rock for knowing exactly what beauty is to you, even if it’s not the same to your friends.

That being said, you need to have a serious convo with your friends, like, now. They need to understand that this guy means a lot to you and you don’t appreciate the comments, even if they are jokes. If they pull the whole “It’s just a joke!” excuse (which they prob will, as friends often do), remind them that if the situation was reversed, they’d expect the same. If you’re serious and upfront with them about it, they should realize that you mean business.

As for the virginity, if you really wanted to cash in that “V” card right now, you would be certain, right? I totally commend you for not rushing into it and for actually finding a guy that you like, but why the rush? I think you should sort through other issues first (like the whole friend thing) and see where the relationship goes. If things stay good and he’s still that totally awesome guy, then consider it (and consider it with two forms of protection!). Remember, you only have your virginity once!

Oh, and if those friends of yours don’t clean up their act, it may be time to branch out and friend some new ones — ones that will take your feelings seriously.

take care,

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  • sweetpea

    If he is ugly just make the most of it. Dont give him your virginity LET HIM GO DOWN ON YOU AND MAKE HIM DO THAT ALL THE TIME. lol. Just limit him to that 😉 and dont feel bad about it. Just use him to pleasure you 🙂 😛

  • Brandy

    dont listen to Megan. Why must women always have to put up with a ugly guy but its ok for men to reject ugly girls. If you dont find him attractive eventually you will leave.

  • Dont Worry About His looks!!

    If Yoou Love Him That All That Matters

    I have Had the same think happen to me,he was that bad but all my mates took the piss.

    so i ended it.