my friend cuts herself

dear heather,
Heather, I have a friend who cuts herself, and is often talking to me about how she wants me to kill her or she will do it herself. Someone has already told an adult, and it didn’t work. I just want to help her without hurting our friendship before it’s too late.
When a friend is in trouble emotionally, it’s really easy to put all of the responsibility on yourself. If someone has already told an adult, though, there’s only so much you can do. But I would say, reach out to another adult.

Her parents should know that all of this is going on because they can decide what might be best for her. Approach your parents to talk to hers. The more adults you get involved, the less likely she is to really hurt herself. But if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your family about such a touchy issue, tell a trusted teacher or a school counselor. The important thing is that you reach out to someone. If anything happens, it will be really easy to blame yourself if you haven’t told anyone, so don’t walk around with such a burden on your shoulders.

I understand that you don’t want to put your friendship in jeopardy, but it shouldn’t be your main concern — there’s a chance that your friend won’t be around to be your friend.

take care,

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