i noticed a bump inside of my vagina. what do you think it is?

Q: I noticed a bump inside
of my vagina while I was masturbating. It’s sort of in the middle
portion of my vaginal canal. What do you think it is?

A: There are a few possibilities. You might be feeling your cervix.  The cervix is the top of the vagina and the bottom of the uterus. 

This might also be a cyst or other medical condition that you should get checked out.

Of course, you might have come across your g-spot.

There is a little bit of debate over what the g-spot is, or if it even exists. However, it seems likely that this term refers to a system of ducts and glands that surround the urethra. For some women this area is very sensitive and can contribute to orgasm and even female ejaculation.

Female ejaculation is a lot like male ejaculation, minus the sperm. About 10% of women ejaculate when their g-spot is stimulated.  We think that the fluid come from something called the Skene’s glands and emerges through tiny ducts near the opening of the urethra.

Of course, since there is no way for me to really know what is going on over the internet, it might just be a good idea to see a gyno and see what she thinks!

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