i have a new school and no friends

dear heather,
I’m at a new school and I haven’t made a friend. Everyone avoids me like I’m going to attack them. When I started my old school, everyone liked me on the first day. At the new school, it’s been a week and I know no one. Everyone already has their little groups of friends and it’s really clique-y and I don’t know what to do.
It’s really hard to be “the new girl” at a new school with new people, but as you warm up to them, they’ll warm up to you, too. Friendships don’t happen overnight. It’ll take a few weeks for the classmates to pick up on your personality. Everyone wants to be friends with people like them, so after a few weeks of just being you, potential pals will migrate your way.

In the mean time, ask people questions, say “Hi” as faces become familiar, and don’t freak out if you don’t have a cell phone full of friends at the end of the first month or two. You’re in a unique position to make friends who really mean something to you instead of falling into the arms of the first clique who offers you a seat at their lunch table.

Also, I’m pretty sure there is one person in one of your classes who isn’t thinking that you’re going to attack her (although, I have a hard time believing anyone does). It’s time for you to approach her! Ask her about a homework assignment or her opinion on something. Striking up a conversation will open the door to friendship. Which reminds me, be open, and the friends will come.

take care,

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