my boyfriend won’t use condoms, what can i do?

Condom Q: My boyfriend won’t use condoms. I can’t get the pill because my mom would find out. Is there any way to have sex and not get pregnant?

A: Your boyfriend is by no means the only guy in the world refuse to use condoms, but I’d like to think his type is a dying breed.

You don’t mention why he is opposed. Does he claim that condoms are too small? In that case, you could always go for an extra large condom.

Does he have a latex allergy?  If so, use a polyurethane or female condom.

Does he promise to pull out in time? You might want to remind him that even if he succeeds, there is no way to control when he releases pre-cum, which in rare cases can lead to pregnancy.

Is he trying to get you pregnant?  If that’s not something you want, you really might want to rethink the relationship.

Actually, if this guy is putting you at risk for any reasons, you might want to ask yourself why you are with a person who doesn’t seem to care about your health or safety.

Look, no one is going to pretend that having sex with a condom is exactly the same as having sex without one. But I’d challenge this guy to find teen parents whose sex lives are exactly like they were before the baby. Or someone with an STD, who hasn

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