can i wear a purity ring even if i’m not a virgin?

dear heather,

I have been with my boyfriend for four months. When we first started dating, he was a virgin and I respected that. But not too long after we started dating, we had sex and have ever since. Now four month later, he wants to stop because “God has told him that is the right thing to do.” After having sex, would it be right if we wore purity rings?

Purity rings are symbolic of abstaining from sex, but traditionally they are worn by people who practice celibacy until marriage. The idea behind the ring is that, in wearing it on your left hand ring finger, you vow to remain “pure” until it can be replaced by a wedding ring. It’s very similar to a virginity pledge, which is a commitment to wait to have sex until marriage.When it comes down to it, though, purity rings mean different things for different people. If you want to wear one as a reminder of your abstinence, by all means wear one. But if you don’t feel right about wearing one since you have had sex in the past, don’t feel pressured to wear one “just because.”

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  • Nick

    Do what you feel is right for you. There is no set rule. God loves you either way.

  • anna

    I agree. There may be a lot of good reasons to stop having sex until you’re married. No.1, it prevents unwanted pregnancies. Good advice, Heather. thanks

  • a guy

    1. why believe in god at all?!
    2. purity rings are for idiots, it doesn’t do any good to you, sex is healthy, and i don`t mean in a whore-way, but do it when you want to, don’t keep the hormones boiling!
    3. enjoy being young, not being christian!
    4. why would you stay with him if he has sex with other girls? lol

    e-mail me if u want to hear more.

    • a girl

      excuse me, but you have absolutely NO right to tell anyone this. Christians stand with firm beliefs about having sex before marriage, and you should not be the one to tell them different.

      • anna

        Sure, say that IF you’re perfect. they’re taking the initiative to try to make things right so stop being all stuck-up. I guess nobody told you about forgiveness and repentance. If God can forgive, how can you not?