is it normal to masturbate regularly?

Question: I’m seventeen and for the past four years I’ve been consistently masturbating. Sometimes it’s three times a day and sometimes once a day. Are there side effects of masturbating that could affect my long-term health? Also, is it wrong to be addicted to masturbating?

Answer: Masturbating is perfectly healthy and safe, and as long as you have the time, then doing it every day isn’t a problem.

As a gURL named Jessica said in the comments, “Masturbation in females is normal. I do it all the time sometimes twice a day.”

Counselors only consider masturbating (or any other habit, like going online, cleaning or talking on the phone) a problem if it gets in the way of other aspects of you life. But if you aren’t skipping school or avoiding your friends because you are too busy masturbating, then there is nothing to worry about.

Here’s some things masturbation won’t do:

  • Cause mental illness
  • Cause acne, blindness or hairy palms
  • Make you unable to enjoy with a partner
  • Stunt your growth
  • Cause infertility
    • Here’s some things it will do:

      • Help you learn about your sexuality
      • Teach you about orgasm
      • Help reduce stress

      So no, masturbation will not affect your long-term health, and doing it regularly is just fine.

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      • kaylee

        I’ve been masturbating ever since 7th grade… I think its super healthy and well… You know… Feels good ! I’m a junior in highschool and I recommend girls choose to do this than sex. And I recently used a “dildo” and was scared also that I had lost my viginity, but I learned “a woman is still considered a virgin until a male penis has enter the vagina” don’t worry girls, vibrators and such won’t make you loose purity 🙂