discuss: girls hornier than boys?

Question: My best friend Jordan and I were talking and he made the statement, "There is no way that girls are hornier than boys. It’s impossible. The earth would be severely overpopulated if that were true." Are girls hornier than boys, or are boys hornier than girls?

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  • Taylor. B.

    O honey all the time! And we don't physically show it! *score!!!*

    But the human sexdrive is different between the genders. When a guy is young, he'll want, but not always admit, to wanting to bang any floozy that shoes any intrest. When a girl is young, shell just want to talk and all that stuff.

    As they get older, the guys sexdriven decreases while the girls increases. At around 35, they meet at about the middle. After that, the guys go do whatever it is that middle-aged men do, and some women become Cougers. 🙂

    Idk if that'll help but I just learned that in Psy. 🙂

  • luvli

    haha well guys are hornier but girls can control it beter. i always masturbate so i'm super fing horny always.

  • horniness varys from person to person, regardless of whether they're male or female. its just that girls are under more pressure to hide it when they're horney because they're scared of being called sluts.
    personally, i'm a totally perverted hobag and damn proud of it!

  • Neru

    i think i am as horny or even hornier than my bf. i would never let him know that though. i think is jsut the way society makes people believe that girls are supposed to resist the idea of anything sexual while guys are expected to be obcesed bout it.

  • nikia

    well i dont know i mean it depends on the person sooo im sayin it is juss about even

  • Lissie Jane

    NAh ae i think it aBout the same… some people just arent horny (guys and chix) but then theres those that ere extremely!!! so i think it about even,,, horny all the time!!!!

  • jessie

    well we all know when girls like myself have thier period we are crazy horny. The rest of the time we just crave and ecspecially for virigns as my self also very PROUD. I mean we have to find things besides men to control it, like chocolate and sweet and then we end up fat. I don't read romance novels because I want to live it, with all those feelings. I guess I disagree, i have never seen a guy feel like I do.

  • krissy

    i think its about even
    cuz personally im like one of the horniest persons ever. it takes virtually nothing to get me thinking about sex. im just a lot more quiet about it than guys are. i think a lot of girls are, thats why people think guys are the hornier gender. but then i have guy friends who are like not interested in sex at all, so idk
    i just think its all even

  • cbshortie4eva17

    I believe it is an equal amount….i have a mind of a boy in that area….always thinking about it….the differnce with me and boys is i don't act on it…..we {guys and girls} know what turns us on and even though we put on a front that we don't like it or not paying attention to it, mentally we are thinking about it…

  • That one chick who&#

    Oh, god. I'm so much hornier than my husband it hurts. I want sex all the time and he's like, "Eh, I'll have sex with you in like three or four days." It all depends on who you are, I think, but I know for a fact that I'm hornier than any other guy I know … besides maybe William. lol He's a douche.

  • nicole

    i know im horny all the time!!! even after i masturbate im still horny alot! i dont know if somethings wrong but just looking at bodies and thinking bout them naked and doing sex stuff and im like wow lol